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United States - 19063-5699

I was really embarrassed for the Wawa employees when a manager that they had was just completely losing it with a customer. It almost seemed as if she just wanted to pick a fight with the customer, because of this I do not think I will be patronizing Wawa if they do not…

3 d

I think that Wawa got my order mixed up or something because I do not eat meat and they put meat on my sandwich for some reason. I do not like this at all and I feel as if they should really do something about all of this. Perhaps training their staff to handle things l…

04 May

I do not know what the people over at Wawa think about their deli pizza, but personally, my family and I absolutely love it. If you ask the friends that we have, they will also tell you that the pizza is worth it and they really enjoyed going to Wawa to get their hands …

01 May

I was very annoyed at the staff of Wawa because it seems as if they do not care about either their jobs or the customers that they are serving at all. I had one employee of the establishment reach over me witho…

20 April

I feel like the portions at Wawa are not adequate for a man of my stature and I think that they are just way too small for anyone at all. I recently had this breakfast bowl that they were advertising and it seemed to be missing an ingredient. The ingredients are also in…

31 March

I was very surprised to see an elderly woman at Wawa drop her food and as she was so confused she asked one of the women who worked at Wawa to help her. This particular employee immediately told that she would make this woman another sandwich and this really warmed my h…

14 March

In every business that wants to thrive consistency in their service quality is one of the keys apart from providing a great product or service. Wawa has been terribly inconsistent in their management style. On …

28 February

Just to start off, I have to explain that we are not caucasian like the rest of patrons at Wawa but my family and I decided to give it a try just to check out the food since we had just moved into the area. I d…

16 February

Wawa should review the actions of its staff members because it is getting really annoying and they have been acting discriminatory towards their loyal patrons. I heard anti Semitic remarks and I have had my food stolen by these guys. They also seem to be playing a game …

02 February

I just discovered that one of the products that you had stocked up in one of your Wawa stores was a fruit and cheese combination that had a grape with mold. This is disgusting, last time I got one of these packs the grapes were impossible to eat. Wawa should really do s…

19 January


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