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I do not understand why the lines at Weight Watchers have to be so long. They really need to get more employees to help out with everything that is going on. I think that is the most efficient way to go about e…

20 h

I am supposed to have some sort of lifetime pricing system from the people at Weight Watchers, but unfortunately, this was not honored at all. When I went to one of their centers the woman who was weighing me told me that this was a lie and before another employee could…

12 April

I had purchased a meal from Weight Watchers that I thought would be alright for consumption, but little did I know that once I got around to eating it, the bits of plastic lodged into the food itself got caught…

22 March

I am very surprised that the Weight Watchers program charges such a hefty fee for cancellation. I mean I already paid for six whole months and they still want to charge me for leaving the program. This is not a…

09 March

Weight Watchers recently had this promotion where they would pay you to lose weight and I had found that I had qualified for the payment that they had advertised to their clients. What irks me out about them is that they still have not paid me what was owed to me in the…

23 February

I am a member of Weight Watchers and I always buy the fruitie chews because I find them to be really tasty. However, I had this one experience that really put me off buying fruities from Weight Watchers ever ag…

12 February

I noticed that one of the fruities that I bought from Weight Watchers was not like the rest that I had. You see I have a particular favorite from this line and when I know its taste. When I tried having it I had to spit it out because it tasted like medicine and after a…

30 January

I signed up for this service and paid good money just to join what they claim to be some good group but every single time I have queries there is no one available to address my concerns and give insight. I have been paying for something I am getting absolutely nothing o…

12 January


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