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I think Western Dental should develop a better scheduling system and not try to accommodate people that they cannot accommodate, to begin with. I have had so many problems with them. I have tried to get a morning appointment and they told me I could wait or I could leav…

4 d

Imagine having your bridge broken after taking a bite of bread and having your mouth look like it was completely destroyed. I had to have everything that Western Dental broke fixed again for thousands of dollars. If I were you I would avoid them at all costs. At this po…

29 March

We are pleased with the dental services that we get from Western Dental, but we think that there are a lot of ways that they can improve in further. One of those ways is their scheduling process. We had to wait…

14 March

I had braces done and installed by the people over at Western Dental but I really felt like something was wrong because the braces were giving me all sorts of issues and even the dentist did not even know when …

28 February

I had gotten braces from Western Dental and I watched my account carefully making sure that I always paid on time and in fact I was actually paying months in advance hoping to do good on the credit that was aff…

15 February

We had been scheduled for an appointment at a given time at Western Dental. This time was not respected at all as we had to wait for three hours before we were able to see a dentist for my son. Other people were already leaving the lobby and we just waited and waited. N…

01 February

The wait time at Western Dental is not something that is unbeknownst to all of their patrons. They have been around for a long time and we have remained loyal, but one thing that always makes Western Dental the company that it is, is the crazy wait time that they have i…

19 January


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