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I use Western Union as my primary medium of money transfer services since I support a family in a third-world country. The other day, I had tried to send some money over because of an emergency. My family really needed the money, but Western Union was not allowing me to…

07 May

Someone has transferred money to me from Germany, however system says that "your transaction is being reviewed", when I try to withdraw it. They used my spouse's name as a receiver, we withdrew once, but at the…

22 August 2017

Some money has sent to me from abroad, they told that my money was returned. However, They told sender that receiver got the money. I've called hundreds of times, but they couldn't solve it. My money is vanished. I requested a document or bank receipt, which shows the m…

01 August 2017

Western Union promised to put money into my account in 3 days but 1 week passed and nothing has come. Thanks to them I couldn't pay my credit card debt and bills. I live and work in abroad. You ruined my accoun…

12 July 2017

I transferred money to Turkey from France through Western Union. 15 days passed but nothing has come and no one explains anything. They told that we should wait.

31 May 2017

My family sent money to me from Germany in Euro. However, they cut 250 Euro from that money. This is unfair. Besides, I can't withdraw money in Gaziantep. I can't withdraw from PTT or other banks and the reason was amount of money was too big and restriction was put for…

09 February 2017

Sender: p*** k*** Istanbul/Balikesir , Receiver : g*** o*** Germany, Date/hour : January 09, 2017 12.12 pm. I made the transaction from Akbank and 8 days passed still we couldn't withdraw money. It happened to …

18 January 2017

There was a complaint about me, that's why they can't send me money. How could it be? No one asked me anything and they banned me. Amount of money would come was 100 TL.

18 January 2017

I sent money to Turkmenistan from my account and transaction was made as urgent to withdraw in same day and paid extra charge. However, I couldn't withdraw my money for 3 days. I came into line at morning and w…

30 November 2016

I was going to send money to America from Turkey for a friend of mine, but they told that gas stations and markets were not using Western Union anymore or they had no money in their hand. I had to take money ba…

25 October 2016


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