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Name: White Castle Management Co.
555 West Goodale St.
United States - 43215

I know that sometimes dealing with customers in a fast food joint can be extremely stressful and that is why some people get mood swings. However, there is a particular White Castle where it seems as if the emp…

28 April

I was very surprised when I discovered that White Castle attempted to let me eat spoilt food and it was even more disgusting when I woke up in the middle of the night with symptoms of really bad food poisoning indeed. I do not like this treatment at all from White Castl…

22 April

I am so annoyed at the management over at White Castle because it seems as if they are not taking care of their customers well. We were waiting at the drive-through for over a quarter of an hour and someone fin…

13 April

Imagine having break time as short as mine and going to White Castle to grab quick lunch, but then dealing with people who can care less about your order at all. The other day I was ignored when I tried to orde…

19 March

I do not know of the employee that was taking my order was not listening or somebody at the backend of White Castle misunderstood and messed up my order. They not only got my order wrong but  had to be taken to the emergency room because my body was rejecting the food t…

06 March

I was the subject of rude behavior over at a particular branch of White Castle last time because of the way that their employee took my order. It was apparent that this employee was very inconsiderate at the on…

21 February

I tried ordering from White Castle during my fifteen minute break from my job expecting the order to be completed really quickly. Little did I know that it would not be the case. It took them almost half an hou…

08 February

I need a substantially large order from White Castle and for some reason my card was declined as a prevention for fraud activity. I told them to start the order and I would just come back in a few with a new card so that I can get everything that I wanted. When I got ba…

25 January


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