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Do yourselves a favor and be careful before you pick up pasta from the pasta bins over at WinCo Foods because the last time I picked up some pasta from them, I ended up being very sick. I did not like this expe…

20 March

I bought some graham crackers from WinCo Foods and I was a little excited to get to them because I was really craving. I thought that it would be nice to have a great snack. When I got to tasting one of these WinCo Foods crackers, they were stale and were so hard to eat…

07 March

As I was checking out at WinCo Foods I found that the cashier who was manning the station was a little under trained in the use of debit cards. I was surprised, but I tried to be patient and had a manager calle…

22 February

I have realized that a certain shredded cheese product that you carry contains so much cellulose. That's insane, because we're trying to pay for a little more quality from WinCo Foods. It turns out that we are now just paying more for cellulose instead of cheese. That's…

09 February

I do understand that WinCo Foods has to make a profit so they use affordable raw materials in order to minimize their costs. However, I feel like their cost minimization strategies are starting to get in the way of them producing great products. Lately I have noticed th…

26 January


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