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When I decided to pay a large sum of money for my windows I thought they would be done in a great manner and that I would receive windows that were worth it from the guys over at Window World. Sadly this was no…

21 March

I have been asking Window World if they would reimburse me if I bought my own type of shingles that I wanted for my window, they said they would not and when I had asked again they said they would. They have br…

09 March

There is no situation where a customer service representative has the right to yell at a customer for something that was originally their mistake to begin with. It is not good customer service and it is not right as a human being. The sales rep from Window World caused …

23 February

I have been a very loyal customer of Window World and I personally have spent so much money for them to take care of installing the beautiful windows in my house. In fact, as a token, I have always recommended …

12 February

Window World technicians have caused me more harm than good and I am now faced with thousands of dollars worth of repairs for the handiwork that they came up with. That's not all when they worked on my house they also managed to cause damage to my property and one of th…

29 January

I noticed that after the window installation that they did, some damage appeared towards he exterior of where they were working. Now I could not call them out for it before they left because it was at night and I could not see any damage that they could have done. Now I…

17 January


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