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I am so annoyed at the people from Windstream Communications because they seem to be trying everything to bill me again for the cancellation that I was given. Over the years I have realized that they cannot eve…

23 March

I think there is a tremendous problem with the rig that Windstream Communications installed at my residence because it seems as if the called ID function is all off and I'm getting fraudulent phone calls as a r…

12 March

We have been with Windstream Communications as loyal patrons, also we do not seem to have much of a choice since they control the market in our area. However, we have enjoyed their services. Lately, they have b…

26 February

I am so annoyed at the way Windstream Communications handled our internet issue, that was not even an issue to begin with. They sent a technician over to try and upgrade our internet, which was supposedly for f…

13 February

I had cancelled my Windstream Communications internet in the past and now I really want to get back on the network for the Internet. It has not been easy for me to do so because the technical support team never showed up on my front door. Now there are a various other c…

31 January

I have tried to cancel my service with a customer rep and I thought it was all well since she transferred me to a survey and hung up afterwards. Now I discover that I have been charged for the service that she …

15 January


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