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Name: Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.
P.O. Box B
United States - 32203-0297

I went into Winn-Dixie to return some lamb that I had previously purchased from their meat department, but the problem is they did not want to allow me to return my product without my receipt even though it cou…

23 March

I decided to go into Winn-Dixie and get a couple of items for the house and there were so many sale indicators in the store. I was happy because I thought I could save money with my purchases that day. However,…

12 March

I was so annoyed at the deli over at Winn-Dixie because the employee that was manning the station and dealing with my wife and I was very rude towards us. It was such an annoying experience and I need something…

27 February

I could not believe that the Winn-Dixie Western Union associate I was dealing with the other day was so rude to me. Imagine that this person jerked the identification card out of my hand after I made a loud com…

15 February

I have heard a lot of things from other people about the management of Winn-Dixie  and I was there first hand to experience the lack of people skills that these guys have. I was making an inquiry at Winn-Dixie and was going to ask if they could start carrying a particul…

31 January

Check these people out - so they let employees work even though one of the clearly has a case of pink eye, and when I expressed my concerns I was brushed off. Do you know that it is contagious to work like that…

17 January


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