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Name: Wish.com
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I have already paid Wish.com for the purchases that I have made with them, but for some odd reason I still have not received anything from them at all and this is really causing me so much annoyance. I wonder i…

21 March

I have a fourteen year old daughter who likes to go through Wish.com in order to help us out with some family shopping and lately I have noticed that there are a lot of adult sexual enhancers or aids available …

08 March

I am a little annoyed at how I could not use Wish.com's return system because of the way that it is set up. Wish.com requires that users use their app to post a photograph of why we would be needing a refund bu…

23 February

I am livid with the quality and size of Wish.com's jewelry. Before purchasing them I thought that they would be bigger and of better quality, but when they were delivered they did not see to live up to the expectations that I had of their products at all. They want me t…

12 February

This said online shop has no customer care at all. I have tried contacting you to get a real person to talk to but no one is responding. I ordered an item (some "women's cute keke dog silver gold stud earrings"…

17 January

I purchased silver keke dog stud earrings. I want to return the item since it's way too small and the quality is not good. The vendor requests a photo of the item in its original packaging to be sent via the app though I can't get it to process. I've been trying to get …

09 January

I realised that they withdrew money from my credit card although I didn't do shopping, while I was looking at the Wish.com. I reported this and I hope they answer me. Who knows how long they did withdrawing!

27 August 2017

My orders haven't arrived yet, which are worth 109.00 TL. I gave order on June 20, 2017. I requested refund but I couldn't get an answer yet.

22 August 2017

My order hasn't delivered yet, which I gave it on June 18.

01 August 2017

I did shopping 6 times from Wish application but my order hasn't arrived yet although 1 month passed. I requested refund, but they refund 20 TL instead of 65 TL. This application is really bad. Our orders are h…

27 July 2017


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