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I do not know what we ever did to the people over at Woodforest National Bank but we do not think that we did anything wrong for them to put our account on fraud alert. We just needed the wire transfer amount t…

23 May

I am annoyed at the service that I am getting from Woodforest National Bank because it seems as if they will just want to charge you for anything and everything that they can charge you for. I had recently been…

20 March

I cannot believe that Woodforest National Bank would charge me almost twenty bucks for a new debit card. That seems too exorbitant by any measurement and they should not be charging for simple things like that.…

08 March

I have been so frustrated with Woodforest National Bank because my disability check never gets deposited during the time that it is disbursed. I have lost so much because of this and it has caused me so much tr…

22 February

I had such an incredible experience dealing with a Woodforest National Bank automated teller machine because it just emptied my account took my money. My account is still in pending with this bank and I do not …

09 February

I do not understand the business practices of Woodforest National Bank that allows it to charge its clients so much for very simple services. Imagine that a simple replacement card will cause the normal custome…

29 January


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