I've opened an account on Youtube in 2009, but I can't find my account's informa…

28 August 2017

Dear I don't want to buy a house from Efe City which is located in Cigli as I reported. I don't say anything to your advertisement policies, but I fed up with seeing these advertisements 10 times a …

22 August 2017 deletes about 100-200 subscribers from big or small channels, please fix this problem.

07 August 2017

I was watching videos on, but advertisements show up in every minute. I can't skip ads either, because they removed that button, we have to watch these advertisements, do we have to watch ads? You m…

04 August 2017

Your advertisements are everywhere. I fed up with your advertisements.

27 July 2017 application can't be used on Samsung TV, this is nonsense. We pay good amount of money and I use internet for youtube.

06 July 2017

I watched Ayvacik sea explosion video. Then I look through the videos that came after that. There was water pipe explosion, volcanic explosion and 5. video was a sexual video. What is your purpose Please do something about that.

30 June 2017

New update hasn't come up and we have sound problem. I opened first song and there was no sound at first song and it comes at second song. I kindly request you to fix this problem.

23 June 2017

There are some websites that making dubbing over games. However, dubbing artists are using some slang words and making weird noises, this effects children's mental and moral development in a bad way. Little chi…

21 June 2017

I sent you respectful messages and no one has returned. Everybody complains about this and we can't take our money because of a pin. Please do something about it.

19 June 2017


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