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The only reason my family and I subscribed to YuppTV in the first place was because of a particular channel. For some reason, YuppTV has stopped offering this channel to my family and I and we were disappointed so we decided to get ride of our account with the company. …

15 March

I think YuppTV does not really seem to care about the needs of their customers. We have been complaining for awhile now at the speed of the service that we get from their systems, but they have not done anythin…

05 March

I am having quite the angry fit with YuppTV because of the way that they cancelled some of the channels that we watch on a daily basis without informing us beforehand. I find this to be very rude and I want the…

19 February

When one of YuppTV's services was discontinued I wondered what happens to the customers who were expecting something from them. Should they not be given some sort of refund or compensation for losing their service. I also know that I am not the only customer of YuppTV t…

06 February

I did avail of one of those YuppTV offers, but in the past sixty days, I have been billed for channels they do not even have. I tried calling their client care line but I had been informed that there is nothing they can do on their end. Can you imagine that? They cannot…

24 January


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