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New York
United States - 10110

Customers dislike being passed around and given the runaround and that is exactly what I got from the people over at I had tried to contact their customer service department in the hopes of talking to…

05 May

There was a problem with the gift card that I had purchased from because when I had tried to use it for the very first time, I found out that it had no credit in it for some odd, particular reason. It really annoyed me that I was bounced around from manager to …

26 April

I am a little more than annoyed at because they did not seem to get me the item that I had already paid and purchased from them. It turns out that their courier seemed to have mishandled the way the package read on my end and I had to contact them about it. I s…

17 April

I am a little annoyed at because they never got me the package of the items that I had already paid for. They told me that it had already been delivered, but for some reason I never got anything delive…

26 March

I had bought a couple of items from and I have been waiting for what seems to be a long time for them to get back to me with why they still have not delivered anything to me yet. It seems as if the pac…

14 March

I cannot believe the service that I have been receiving from because I did not receive a package whatsoever from them even though they claim that I did receive something. You see for the package to have come through they would have had to be buzzed int…

28 February

It's definitely hard to imagine that a giant company like would have so many problems with their package delivery, this has been the case for me the last time I tried to purchase something from them. Z…

15 February

I am one of the people who have felt so bad about the return policy that enforces on its customers. I did follow the entire procedure that stipulated. I filled everything out and made sure that the labels were correct and everything was done to the let…

01 February

I got myself a pair of trousers from Zara and I thought they were alright, but it turns out that they don't really fit right. This really annoyed me and for some reason I lost my receipt. When I tried to visit every Zara store that I knew of in order for someone to help…

18 January

Horrible client service. Acquired a coat which had flawed sewing, addressed client service administrations and returned for a trade. Restored the thing, just to be discounted in mistake and advised I would need to re-buy the coat at the maximum, when it had been brought…

09 January


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