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Name: Zaxby's Franchising LLC
1040 Founders Blvd.
United States - 30606

I do not understand why Zaxby's would charge me for two orders when they had gotten the order that I asked for them to be fulfilled wrong in the first place. I feel like it does not make sense for them to charg…

21 March

Zaxby's has charged me for two different meals even though I had only ordered one meal from them. The thing is a Zaxby's staff member rung the wrong order for me and then after it had been corrected I checked out my statement only to find that I have been charged twice.…

08 March

I used to work for Zaxby's and I felt like these guys did not value their employees at all. it is just a reflection on the people that they have chosen to hire as managers. I needed to take a day off so I told myself that I would accept a write up just so I could relax …

23 February

I cannot believe the nerve of the people and management at Zaxby's. The already know that we were really short staffed and they still make decisions that affect all of us negatively. I was never written up for …

12 February

I went to do a drive-thru at Zaxby's and upon getting my purchase I drove home. It wasn't until I reached the house that I learned I did not get my change. The amount is about ten bucks and if it weren't that b…

17 January

On 11/2, I did a drive-thru and learned, upon reaching the house, that I didn't get my change amounting to 10 USD. Naturally, given the amount, I called and talked to a certain manager who seemingly thought I lied about it. I gave her a rundown of what happened and she …

09 January


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