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Name: Zoosk, Inc.
475 Sansome Street, 10th Floor
San Francisco
United States - 94111

I think that there should be better screening systems at Zoosk because I met someone on that platform who has tried to take money away from me. Now, I do not like people doing this to me because it seems as if …

04 April

I think that there is something seriously wrong about the account that I have created over on the Zoosk platform because I have only been given picks from Europe, even though I am currently residing in North America. I know I signed up correctly but something must have …

16 March

I have not used my account from Zoosk for about a couple of years now yet I have noticed that I am still being charged on my credit card as per my last statement. To make matters worse the charges are not consi…

05 March

Zoosk should do something about the unscrupulous people that lurk over there. I had recently met this guy who I think changes accounts every time his account closes down and seems to be posting fake information about himself. At one point, I was told that his significan…

19 February

I was able to subscribe to the Zoosk service through a single month subscription which I authorized on my account. However, for some reason they have taken an additional payment from my account, I do not know what this payment is for and I don't know why I need to pay f…

06 February

We would like to know why our friend's account has been blocked from your site. It seems a little strange that he was not given prior warning before it happened. You see my husband and I met on your site, and w…

24 January


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